General Information

Energetic, animated, and spontaneous entertainment, Ana’s Musical Messages delivers your special message, in a unique, personalized, and interactive manner.
A variety of costumed characters are available, with tailored scripts to provide flexibility to suit any occasion, audience, and style, elegant to hilarious.

Current costumed character themes available include:
Tuxedo, Nurse, Jungle, Nerd, Genie, Hula, Cowgirl,
Wonder Woman, Clown, Marilyn
, Bride, Gorilla

Holiday characters include:
Santa Claus, Elf, Valentine Heart

Standard Singing Telegram: Entertaining approximately 10-15 minutes, the costumed performer will present the recipient several prop-gifts (ex: hat, horn, streamers, certificate) through personalized dialogue and a fun skit. Two songs will be sung celebrating the recipient, and include a unique song (sung to a familiar tune with lyrics especially created for the special occasion) and an audience participatory group song. $105.00**

Specialty Singing Telegram: These performances follow the same format as the standard performance, but require more preparation. These would include the Marilyn Monroe character and custom song design. $125.oo (start)**

Valentine’s Day Singing Telegram: Follows a similar format as the “standard” with some interactive portions eliminated, allowing performance to runs approximately 5-10 minutes. Prop-gifts (ex: balloon, necklace, certificate) are presented to the recipient and one song (sung to a familiar tune with modified lyrics) is performed. $75.00**

**Prices do not included gratuities, “out of area” mileage, additional gifts or services.
Please refer to the NOTES section, which follows, for general performance specifications.
Character photos and performance references available upon request.
24 hr cancellation policy is requested, with loss of 25% deposit.

THANK YOU for your interest in my fun gift and party idea!
Please call or e-mail to discuss questions or options.Looking forward to entertaining you,
Ana Rode
Character Descriptions
A variety of costumed characters are available
to suit any style ranging from elegant to hilarious.
Scripts are personalized to each recipient, and can be tailored to suit any audience.
Please inform if the audience is very conservative or if children will be present.

See below for sample photos and descriptions of the characters available.
This is not a complete list...

Ophelia Payne
The most popular singing messenger, Nurse Ophelia Payne arrives for the Emergency Call, dressed in a white lab coat and nurse hat. The character sets the stage with the intent to provide an urgent “medical check up“. Using props, such as a stethoscope, rubber gloves, love meter, the character puts the recipient through some light-hearted “tests”, to ensure the recipient is healthy. This character is flirty and fun and most often appropriate for: get well wishes, new job, retirement, bon-voyage, and birthday celebrations for adult men. It is not recommended for a VERY conservative audience, but can be easily tailored to suit an audience with children present.

Anita Vine
The comical jungle woman is the second most popular birthday character. Anita Vine enters with a shocking Tarzan yell, wearing an animal print drape, and jungle fashion accessories. Speaking in broken English, she has arrived to find a new mate. Tests must be given to see if the new man is suitable for the jungle life. This character is crazy and funny and most often appropriate for: birthday celebrations of adult men, new job, retirement, engagement congratulations (modified for the bride).

Top Hat Classic
The “classic” singing messenger arrives in a white tuxedo coat with tails and a top hat. The character sets the stage to make the recipient shine, feel special, and presented with honor and grace. This character is classy and often appropriate for: formal occasions, elderly, elegant women, very conservative audience, quite venue, etc. This performance can be used for any and all occasions, especially for a wedding reception, thank-you, and elderly birthday.

The most popular singing messenger for young children, Kookles the Klown arrives dressed in rainbow hair and big belly. Kookles’ mission is to make the recipient feel happy, special, and surprised. Performance can be enhanced, with the addition of balloons, cake, or other gift delivery services. This character is up-lifting and fun and most often appropriate for: a child’s birthday, get well wishes, retirement homes, or any occasion not suited to other costumed characters.

Queen Maniwannaleime
A popular character with lots of recipient interaction. Queen Maniwannaleime comes to bring the warmth and spirit of aloha to the event. Dressed in a grass skirt and flower leis, she prepares the recipient for the feeling of the tropics through fun accessories and activities. This character is great for all birthdays (especially winter), for congratulations, and for those traveling or moving to the tropics.

Nerdy Nora
Everyone loves Nora the Nerd. She brightens the room with smiles as she stumbles through her awkward and shy characteristics, struggling to get the courage to disclose her undying love toward the recipient. Her attire is mismatched and unfashionable, but she has tried her best to impress. She is charming and sets the stage by putting the recipient on the spot to remember her from his past. This character is sweet and funny and most often appropriate for: adult men celebrating a birthday, an engagement (modified for the bride).

Always a big hit! Merry-Linn is on stage to celebrate someone she has heard is so wonderful, that they must be related. Dressed in the long pink gown from “Gentlemen Prefer Blonds”, she showers the recipient with complements and attention. She will sing her specially modified renditions of “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” as well as “happy birthday mr. president”. Works great for an older crowd and a man’s birthday with a large audience!

Cardiac Cathy
The most popular singing messenger for Valentine’s Day, Cardiac Cathy arrives bursting with love and joy. Dressed in a large, silly, elaborate big heart costume, she sets the stage showering the recipient with love, good-natured cheer, and embarrassment. This costumed character can also easily accommodate a full-length performance, and most appropriate to celebrate an anniversary, engagement, wedding, or apology.

Dreamy Jeanie
The magical Genie is another popular birthday character, because she makes wishes come true. The recipient receives a mystery gift box to open, which contains an Aladdin Lamp. After recipient rubs the lamp and summons Genie, she floats through the room, waving veils and shaking bells. She is a mind reader and grants just the perfect wishes the recipient wants for their birthday. This character is happy & sweet and most often appropriate for: any birthday celebrations, new job, and retirement

NOTES - Please read, understand, and confirm before booking a performance:

1) APPROVAL - If a performance is requested in a public establishment, such as a restaurant, office, hotel lobby, etc… prior approval must be received by the manager of the establishment and is the sole responsibility of the booking party to receive this approval.
2) CONTACT - A contact person and phone number must be provided at the performance location. This provides the performer accurate information to time the entrance/skit appropriately and a communication line if problems arise.
3) TIME WINDOW - A time window, of 1 hour must be specified. Performer will do their best to arrive within the first 15 minutes of this window. Due to high volume, special booking windows may apply to Valentine’s Day performances.
4) PERSONALIZED MESSAGE - All musical messages come with a printed certificate, which can be personalized with the sender’s special message. Please have a message composed when finalizing booking.
5) RECIPIENT INFO - The more information provided about the recipient (hobbies, job, family, collection, quirks, sports, embarrassing moments, taboo topics, etc) the more easily the show can be personalized and the better the performance.
Examples: What is their favorite hobby/sport/TV show/object?
Are they uncomfortable with turning gray or bald?
Do they play an instrument? Dance? Have any pets?
An embarrassing moment they wouldn’t mind having mentioned?
6) ADDED GIFTS - Special prop-gifts appropriate to the skit, are included and will be presented and provided to the recipient. They may include a party hat, party horn, streamers, certificate, etc. Flowers, balloons, cake, and other requested or personal gifts can be provided, delivered, and/or presented during the performance at an additional cost.
7) PHOTOGRAPHY - Photography or video taping of performances is encouraged, to enjoy the eventful memory in the future. Don’t forget to designate someone to do this. These services can be provided at an additional cost.
8) TASTEFUL - No stripping is involved in a singing message performance. Although jokes can have a sexual undertone if desired or appropriate, stripping is not provided in any fashion or at any price. The performer has the right to refuse or end a performance, if their safety feels compromised. No refund will be given.
9) CUSTOMIZATION – Individual performances will always be modified and/or personalized to suit your special event and recipient, but costumes, scripts, and songs are used for a variety of occasions and may be reused for other bookings. Under some circumstances, and for an additional fee, it may be possible to request specific songs to be sung or lyrics to be created to fit certain melodies.
10) REFERENCES – Performers are professional & experienced. References are available upon request, from singing telegram recipients and audience members of past performances.
11) OUT OF AREA – Ana’s Musical Messages will travel to most locations in and around the Teton County. There is no added delivery charge for performances booked with in the general Jackson Area, including Teton Village, Wilson, Jackson, South Park, Golf & Tennis, and Airport areas. Additional charges, at a rate of $1 per mile, will need to be applied for telegrams outside of the Jackson Area, including Kelly, Hoback, Victor and areas beyond.
12) SUBSTITUTE - Although every effort will be made to provide requested performers, songs, and specified accessories, Ana’s Musical Messages reserves the right to substitute as needed.
13) REFERRAL - Referrals receive
15% discount toward future bookings.